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My name is Jim Larkins and am the owner of Ridge Road Classic Car Restorations. I have been in business for over twenty-five years. I order parts for the older Muscle cars and Hot Rods all day and every day,so I know about professional and freindly service. I have never had more honest, freindly and professional service then what I recieved from the folks at Spamechanics. After checking the web and local dealers for a new spa pack, Spamechanics spoke to me over the phone and explained to me exactly what I needed and beat all the others with their top notch gear and prices. It was a pleasure to do business with a place that has it togather. Thanks J Larkins R.R.C.C.
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BYPASS ADAPTER for Ozone Injection
BYPASS ADAPTER for Ozone Injection
List Price: $149.00
Our Price: $125.00
You save $24.00!

Product Code: JEDBYPASS

Bypass Adapter:



FOR 1-1/2 inch OR 2 inch PLUMBING

The Bypass Adapter creates the suction to pull the ozone out of JED ozonators and inject it into the plumbing of your pool/tank/spa for ozone units that do not have a built in air pump (the 003, 103, and 503 models). Ozone generator models that do have an air pump (the 203 and 603) can still pump ozone into the bypass adapter. See the Bypass Adapter Tips below on how to set up your adapter with the air pump models. There are 2 different options for the Bypass adapter - 2" or 1-1/2". It is approximately 15-3/4" in total length. However, the length can vary by a few inches depending on the ball valves that are available at the time of purchase. You will need space for 3-4ft of straight length piping in order to install this adapter.


  • Ball valve connected to 2 tee couplers
  • 3/4" ozone resistant tubing between tees and 050 universal venturi
  • 050 universal venturi

At Spa Mechanics we do our best to sell only the highest quality, MADE IN THE USA products that we use to fix and maintain spas, hot tubs and pools in our service areas.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We appreciate your business!

Additional Info
JED ozonators (except the 203 &603) produce no airflow on their own. They rely on suction/vacuum from the venturi injector (black T portion of the bypass adapter). The Bypass Adapter/venturi injector creates the suction to pull the ozone out of the JED ozonator and inject it into the plumbing on the pool/tank. If there is not adequate airflow going across the ozonator, it will run too hot and burn out prematurely. If the ozonator is powered up when there is no water flowing through the system, creating suction, it will run too hot and fail. It is important to power up the ozonator with the same power supply that is running the water circulation. If you do not have a suction flow meter, a simple way to check for adequate suction, is to place a small droplet of water on your finger just in front of the venturi. If the droplet of water is sucked away---there is typically enough suction to operate the ozonator effectively. Do not power up the ozonator until you have established proper suction.

The JED 203 and JED 603 can pump ozone into a venturi injector/bypass adapter. Only pump ozone into the venturi injector when water is flowing through the system and there is suction on the venturi. Power up your JED 203 or JED 603 with the same power supply that operates the circulation pump. Do not pump ozone into the venturi unless there is water flowing through the plumbing. If it is a multi-speed circulation pump, establish suction on high speed. On low speeds, suction will be weaker, but the ozone air pumps will make up for light suction. For multi-speed pumps, make sure you only use ozonators with air pumps (JED 203 or JED 603 only).

The bypass adapter/venturi injector needs to be plumbed into a straight-away. It needs a pressure drop to establish suction. You will not get proper suction if for example the outlet side of the bypass adapter/venturi injector is slanted uphill. Do not install the bypass adapter immediately before a 90 degree bend in the plumbing. Do not install the bypass adapter before components (e.g. pump, heater, filter) that cause the water to slow or water will back up to the outlet side of the bypass and will prevent adequate suction. Install bypass after the pump, heater and filter, as you do not want ozone going through those components because the ozone can degrade components in this equipment. There is also an arrow on the black T (venturi injector). This arrow indicates water flow direction. If the bypass/venturi is installed backwards, you will not get suction. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, but the outlet side either needs to be level or pointed downhill—not uphill. The venturi injector/bypass adapter needs a pressure drop right after it to properly establish suction.

After you get the bypass installed into the PVC plumbing and water is flowing through the plumbing, turn the red ball valve just enough until a suction flow meter reads 4 cubic feet per hour or 2.5 liters per minute. If the pump is multi-speed, make sure to set the ball valve for suction with the highest speed setting. (Only the JED 203 and JED 603 should be used with multi-speed circulation pumps). If you don’t have a suction flow meter, make sure the venturi can easily suck a drop off water off of your finger. Then there will be adequate suction to get ozone out of the ozone generator. Be careful not to turn the red ball valve too much. You will send too much water through the venturi. The venturi and check valve will fail under strong water pressure, sending water up to the ozonator, destroying the ozonator.

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