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The MEDIA serves as the filtration surface. At Pleatco, we only use REEMAY media, the highest quality spun bonded polyester material for all of our filter cartridges. White: High grade, cost effective spun bonded polyester. Blue: High grade, cost effective spun bonded polyester with REEMAY MICROBAN antimicrobial technology.

The number of PLEATS and the total amount of media used in a filter cartridge impacts the quality and performance of the filtration. The amount of media in a Pleatco Filter Cartridge meets or in many cases, exceeds the original equipment specifications providing quality performance and extends the life of the product.

End Caps
The END CAP helps to provide structural support and increase filter cartridge durability. Unlike any other filter cartridges manufactured for the pool & spa marketplace, Pleatco Filter Cartridges have end caps that are 100% Antimicrobial. This enables Pleatco Filter Cartridges to be more effective in prohibiting the growth of mold and reducing mildew and odor causing bacteria.

You may find different color Pleatco end caps (blue & orange) which help differentiate OEM specified products. Unlike most competitors the Pleatco PART NUMBER is boldly molded into the end cap for quick and easy identification.

Pleatco Free Flow Cores
Pleatco FREE FLOW CORES provide longitudinal support and allow for the free flow of water through the MEDIA increasing the effectiveness of the filtration.

Pleatco FREE FLOW CORES are superior as they are designed to significantly enhance the filtration process over any other competitive product. Pleatco’s cores are ‘engineered’ as opposed to all other cartridge manufacturers who simply use PVC pipe with holes drilled in them. Pleatco FREE FLOW CORES deliver better water flow rates, giving enhanced filtration and reducing wear and tear on the pump. Therefore, they also use less energy.

The BAND keeps the pleats separated helping water to easily flow through the filter. Pleatco’s bands are the strongest in the market and ensure that the pleats are separated even under great stress.

Pleatco’s unique adaptor design makes installation and replacement of filter cartridges easy for the end user. Many filters require a threaded extension at the base of the cartridge to screw into the filter housing. Because the end cap material can become soft, the thread can easily strip or crack if the cartridge is pulled when being removed. Pleatco’s Adaptors (PAD) are manufactured using a harder material than the end cap which eliminates the problem.

Once installed, the adaptor can be re-used at the time the filter cartridge has to be cleaned or replaced and reinstallation is far quicker and easier due to the modular design of the adaptor. With a half turn of the filter element, it is easy to remove it from the spa without the fear of cracking the end cap. Because the Pleatco Adaptor remains in the filter housing, once the cartridge has been disengaged and removed, there is a far lesser instance where dirt and objects may fall into the exposed opening and damage the pump.


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