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My name is Jim Larkins and am the owner of Ridge Road Classic Car Restorations. I have been in business for over twenty-five years. I order parts for the older Muscle cars and Hot Rods all day and every day,so I know about professional and freindly service. I have never had more honest, freindly and professional service then what I recieved from the folks at Spamechanics. After checking the web and local dealers for a new spa pack, Spamechanics spoke to me over the phone and explained to me exactly what I needed and beat all the others with their top notch gear and prices. It was a pleasure to do business with a place that has it togather. Thanks J Larkins R.R.C.C.
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How does ecoone work?
Powerful yet gentle cleansers: ecoONE® contains powerful cleansers that break down oils, body lotions and other unwanted contaminants, dissolving them harmlessly and eliminating the cause of unsightly scum and foam.

Flocking agents: EcoOne contains pure organic compounds that are naturally attracted to contaminants and minerals in the water. Solid contaminants clump together into larger particles that get swept up and caught in the filter where they belong. The natural flocking action keeps your water crystal-clear for a full month.

Natural Water Softeners: The natural water softening minerals in ecoONE® reduce the surface tension of the water and help prevent scale from forming. The water feels soft and equipment is protected.

Enzymes: The secret to ecoONE® is our proprietary blend of natural enzymes. Enzymes accelerate natural bioprocesses and keep your spa water sparkling clean without the “chemical soup,” odor, irritation, dry skin, testing or water balancing.
Why enzymes?
 Enzymes increase the interaction between elements. They are added to detergents to help break down blood, fat, perspiration and grass stains. Lipase and Cellulase enzymes soften the fatty exterior walls of microscopic cells, causing them to rupture more easily. Amylase and Protease enzymes help break down starches and proteins. Oxidase and Hydrolase enzymes increase oxidation and promote the rapid degradation of many substances. Our enzymes are of a food grade type housed in coconut extract, contributing to the effectiveness of the solution. As the solution breaks down during use, the coconut extract is released and gradually coats the filter cartridge, which improves filtration and makes cleaning much easier. This coconut extract has the added benefit of being an excellent skin softener! The result is clean, clear and fresh water without fear of exposure to harsh chemicals or their negative side effects.

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